The way to combat school violence is through human connection.

Social-Emotional Learning is ultimately about growth, but through that growth we gain the tools to prevent violence. In this video, Michigan educators discuss the response of their school communities to the recent school shooting in Oxford. Please check out more resources for prevention, intervention, and recovery, including restorative practices, on our new Community Safety Page.

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See It. Report It.

The Say Something Anonymous Reporting System, from Sandy Hook Promise, allows anyone in Durham to submit secure, anonymous safety concerns to help someone who may hurt themselves or others. Press the button below if you have a tip or concern!

What is an SEL Hub?

This SEL Hub serves as a space for the Durham Public Schools Community to connect and access resources to support the social emotional needs of all.

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and the District's work to support our families.

DPS Health Minute: Understanding Emotions

It's difficult to understand our emotions sometimes, but it is a skill that we can develop through practice! In this week's health minute, Dr. Chris Soto describes the importance of de-mystifying our emotions by using them as information towards success, both in and out of school.

Featured Video for All

DPS is a restorative practices district, meaning that we strive to work with students and adults towards better outcomes, rather than doing things to them or for them. This video is a brief description of restorative practices.

Featured Video for Students

Need to Relax? DPS Partner GROWGA offers this exercise for children and teens to calm their body and their mind.

Featured Video for Parent/Caregivers

Dr. Lori Santos describes understandings and misunderstandings about happiness, especially during the pandemic.

Featured Video for Staff

Teachers at the top of their profession reflecting on the challenges, opportunities, and strategies of self-care.

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