Wellness Teams

About Wellness Teams

DPS is committed to serving the whole child through effective school-based teams that bring together multiple perspectives on student wellness. This page offers resources and ideas to support planning for SEL and MTSS interventions.

Wellness is integrative in that it requires balancing our emotions, body, mind, and spirit. DPS Wellness teams are structured to honor that balance, and this section highlights resources that support teams as they serve our DPS students through that lens.

Wellness Team Planning



Over 40 organizations collaborated in the creation of this roadmap released by CASEL to support the return to school with equity-focused SEL strategies. The roadmap outlines four SEL Critical Practices to foster the competencies and learning environments that students and adults need to reunite, renew, and thrive.

This resource from CASEL, with an easy-to-use self-assessment rubric, is a step-by-step support for schools implementing an SEL curriculum or program.

For Educators: Relationship Mapping Strategy

A positive connection to at least one adult can have incredible benefits that include reduced bullying, lower drop-out rates, and improved social emotional capacities. This tool supports a gap-free system to ensure each child is connected with a caring adult in the school community.

Team Self-Evaluation Form

Our work in DPS begins with functioning well as a team. This form is a low risk, high reward way to have critical conversations about team effectiveness.


Panorama is a new tool for DPS schools to grow the SEL competencies of all students, and identify students who may need additional support during this time of heightened need.