Trauma and Recovery

Trauma is the brain and body's response to a perception that our life or the life of a loved one (or the life of another human being) was in jeopardy. Symptoms of trauma can include a lack of focus, intrusive memories, numbing, rage, or anxiety. If someone you know has experienced a trauma, we recommend professional help in the same way that we would if you had wounded your arm or leg. The tools and resources on this page are provided for recovery from traumatic events.

The most effective treatment is usually local. If a student has been through a traumatic event and needs support, please press the button below to learn more about referring them to a mental health provider, or contact the School Social Worker at your school.

NCTSN is the gold standard in trauma recovery resources for children and families. Click on the link here or above to access their content.

CCFH, located in Durham, is at the forefront of preventing and treating the effects of trauma. Click on the link here or above to learn more and connect.