Mental Health

Mental Health 

Everyone’s mental health well being will vary/swing throughout our lifetime. At times we may all feel stressed, anxious, insecure, bullied, heartbroken and grieved – it’s part of life. While these common mental health challenges may not always be severe enough for us to seek help from a mental health professional sometimes they are. 

Just as it is important to pay attention to our physical health – eating well, getting regular exercise and seeing a doctor when something is not quite right – we need to do the same for our mental health. 

To address these needs, Durham Public Schools has partnered with local mental health agencies to make it easier for families and students to access mental health services when they need them.

FAQ about Co-Located Mental Health (CLMH)

CLMH School/Agency Assignment Chart

If you are a staff, parent, caregiver, or other caring adult concerned about a DPS student and you would like to recommend counseling, please reach out to that student’s School Social Worker or a member of the Student Support team at your school. You can also reach out directly to the agency that serves the school. 

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Referral Information

Referral Form for Parents/Caregivers

Co-Located Mental Health Services (CLMHS) 

Co-Located MHReferralForm_2023_24 (English).docx

CLMH Referral Form (English)

Co-Located MHReferralForm_2023_24 (Spanish).docx

CLMH Referral Form (Spanish)

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Referral Form for High School Students


High school age students may refer themselves for support. Please reach out to your School Social Worker if you would like to speak with someone.