SEL for Staff

SEL is a critical part of a healthy and happy classroom. For educators, that means teaching and modeling the SEL competencies. It is challenging, however, to teach and model the competencies when we are struggling with our own wellbeing. This section contains tips and tools for teaching SEL competencies, and also for living them ourselves.

There are lots of SEL classroom strategies, but none as foundational as the 3 Signature Practices from CASEL. Let's work to make every classroom ready to learn through effective SEL!

Key SEL Support Resources

Deer Oaks - EAP What to Expect Flyer- June 2020.pdf

Deer Oaks EAP Information

We all need additional support sometimes. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for DPS educators who need counseling support.  Click on the link above to learn more about the EAP and answer some FAQs. 

The Happiness Lab Podcast

A podcast from Dr Laurie Santos examining the latest scientific research on happiness and sharing practical takeaways that will forever alter the way you think about happiness.

Character Strengths Survey

Research has shown that one of the best ways to reduce stress is to build self-awareness. Take the assessment in 15 minutes to leverage your greatest strengths into teaching. It can also be paired with the Team Assessment in the Wellness Wednesdays section for a way to build team self-awareness. 

Interested in building your SEL muscles through online learning? Try this free MOOC from The Friday Institute at N.C. State University. 

Video Resources

Drowning in Empathy: The Cost of Vicarious Trauma Amy Cunningham 

Educators are caring by choice, but following student needs can come at a cost, especially when they are suffering. This video discusses Vicarious Trauma, the toll it takes and our hopes for overcoming it. 

Survival Brain vs. Learning Brain: Aaron Wiemeier

An important reminder that kids will succeed if they can, but sometimes don’t have the tools. This understanding is at the basis of trauma-sensitive instruction. 

Anti-Racism Resources

SEL is intricately tied to a sense of one’s self in the world. This space provides anti-racism resources for exploring questions of social injustice that can develop the competency of self-awareness that can lead to actionable change. 

This project emerged out of the pain and frustration associated with the back-to-back deaths of #GeorgeFloyd #BreonnaTaylor and #AhmaudArbery in 2020. We must do better as a global society! #BlackLivesMatter FROM DR. NICOLE A. COOKE 
Facing History and Ourselves helps students learn about hatred and bigotry so they can stop them from happening in the future.