What is SEL?

Social-emotional learning, also known as SEL, is about developing skills like self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills.  Those skills are so important for success in life, inside and outside of school.

Learning to control your emotions through  different tools like deep breathing, counting, and mindfulness are important to improving relationships.  This page will include videos, links, and other ways for you can learn about and practice SEL. 

Other Elementary School Resources

Mind Yeti, from DPS partner Committee for Children, is a library of videos that help you (and your adult) calm your minds, focus your attention and connect you to the world around you

Khan Academy Kids is great for free, easy to access at-home SEL for younger children.

Middle and High School Resources

Practicing mindfulness for short periods many times during the day is good for yo' body and yo' mind! Click the link above to learn more and participate in mindfulness with JusTme. 

Being a teenager is exciting and hard. It’s important for you to understand your own brain, which is like your operating system. Exercise, mindfulness, and talking to close friends and family are some ways of improving your ability to manage your own emotions.

Anti-Racism Resources

SEL is intricately tied to your sense of self in the world. Here is a collection of resources to help you explore how the anti-racism movement impacts you, because building that self-awareness is a valuable tool to create meaningful change in your world. 

This project emerged out of the pain and frustration associated with the back-to-back deaths of #GeorgeFloyd #BreonnaTaylor and #AhmaudArbery in 2020.We must do better as a global society! #BlackLivesMatterFROM DR. NICOLE A. COOKE 
Facing History and Ourselves helps you learn about hatred and bigotry so you can stop them from happening in the future.